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Open Surgical Dislocation

Open surgical dislocation of the hip is considered hip preservation involving true dislocation of the hip joint for exposure of the hip’s anatomy in its entirety. This exposure allows treatment of boney or osseous abnormalities of the hip, causing impingements, and soft tissue damage, such as labral tears. An open surgical dislocation allows protection of blood supply to the hip intraoperatively.  The open approach is typically a 2-3 hour procedure, requiring one night in the hospital.  Candidates for open surgical dislocation often have a history of either a congenital or developmental disorder of the hip resulting in a painful hip.


The average recovery for a patient who has an open surgical dislocation involves 6 weeks on protected weight bearing with crutches and 6 weeks in a hip brace. There is a possibility of 8 weeks of restricted weight bearing and crutches in certain cases. This surgery will require postoperative physical therapy to strengthen and condition the hip joint.

Open surgical dislocation for femoroacetabular impingement:

LCPD open osteoplasty:

Open surgical dislocation after Leggs Calves Perthes Disease:

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